The “Sidewalk to the Future” Phase II Pledge Drive Starts

The “Sidewalk to the Future” Phase II Pledge Drive Starts

The El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and our community has embarked on the pledge drive for the “Sidewalk to the Future” Phase Two. The project has a central focus on children’s safety. But it will benefit the community in many ways.


Once again, this is a government grant that will pay 80% of this sidewalk project. Without that funding we would never be able to afford this kind of community improvement. The grant is awarded based on a points system and they look favorably on those communities with a second betterment project. We believe our chances are better than most for procuring the funding. We just need your pledge before December 28 so we can take advantage of the 80% grant, payment won’t be due until April 28 of next year. The sooner we have pledges in the better of course.

Why Phase Two?

Our children need safe routes to school and activities. The lack of sidewalks on an already narrow Park Street forces children to walk very near high volumes of traffic. This project also allows efficient and safe connections for citizens between home, school, work, recreation and retail destinations. Providing safe opportunities for pedestrians is a key strategy to keep everyone protected, active and healthy.

Resources such as sidewalks can be a lifeline especially for older adults, low-income households, and people with disabilities. For those without traditional transportation it offers access to medical facilities including our hospital, dentists, an optometrist, chiropractor, nursing home and three clinics. It also offers connection to the local food pantry plus churches, residential areas and more.

The Details

The federal grant pays 80% of the project, and just 20% will come from local entities. The total projected investment of this project is $440,000. The city agreed to apply with the stipulation that the community fund half of that 20% which is approximately $44,000 from the business community, citizens and other resources. The city would like a pledge commitment by December 28 from the community for private funds to insure the project has sufficient support to proceed at that time. If the grant is not awarded to the project funds will be returned. Again, pledges should be fulfilled by April 28, 2017.

The sidewalk is anticipated to be constructed on Park Street, north from the school to get children safely across the large culvert just north of Fields Boulevard, joining a length of sidewalk at Joe Davis Street. The south section begins at the south end of the public school on Park Street to U.S. Highway 54 and a pedestrian crossing, continuing south to Hospital Road, then east on Hospital Road to Highway 32. Because of the nature of such projects figures, measurements, locations, etc are approximations.

We thank the many people that continue supporting projects that make El Dorado Springs a better place to live, work and raise a family. Because of that support the U.S. Highway 54 Sidewalk is completed and an outstanding pedestrian improvement in El Dorado Springs. The project has realized great benefits to our community, and our citizens recognize it as a valuable addition. That project became a reality only because of support from generous community members like you, and YOU will be the reason Phase Two also succeeds.

Your Support of Community Betterment

We need the support of the community to bring this project to fruition. The approval for Phase One has been tremendous and makes a huge difference in our town’s “first impression!” We know folks agree this project is just as important (possibly more so for our children) and will be a very worthwhile benefit to our community.”

A Pledge Form with more information, pictures and map is attached to this email and also at the Chamber office. If you have questions regarding Phase Two of the “Sidewalk to the Future” project contact the El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce.

We sincerely thank you for your support of community improvement