document-signingCost:  $10.00 per year

Obtain license at City Hall

135 W Spring Street

Must have proof of Workmen's Compensation if you have any employees.



Cost:  $25.00 per year

Obtain license at the Cedar County Collector's Office

Must have proof of Missouri Tax ID if you are selling products.




business-innovationThe city of El Dorado Springs maintains a aggressive approach to Economic Development opportunities.  Economic Development involves not only bringing new companies and businesses to town, but also helping existing businesses expand.  In fact, just over eighty percent (80%) of all new jobs come from expansion of existing businesses.  Many cities invest more resources into job retention than attraction for this reason.

The City works closely with the State of Missouri to offer incentives to attract and retain businesses.  The City of El Dorado Springs has several tools at its disposal to encourage economic growth.

1.  The City owns two buildings that are available for rent.  One is 38,600 square feet, the other is 2,100 square feet.  For more information, contact City Hall at 417-876-2521.

2.  The City owns vacant land in the industrial park on East US Hwy 54.  There is approximately 50 acres available for development with utilities and some road access.  The industrial park is adjacent to the municipal airport.

3.  Two not-for-profit corporations have been formed that each have separate and unique abilities to offer financing for economic development projects.  One corporation is the El Dorado Springs Municipal Assistance Corporation and the other is the Industrial Development Authority.

4.  The City also has the ability to issue special bond financing with tax benefits.

5.  The City cooperates with the State of Missouri on various tax incentive programs the State offers for job creation and investment.

6.  The City of El Dorado Springs has been approved by the State as an Enhanced Enterprise Zone.  This designation by the State means that the State has committed to providing certain tax incentives to qualifying industries.  The City has also committed to providing property tax abatements  to qualifying industries that create jobs inside this zone.