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The Land that I LOVE!

Saturday, November 18, 2017 Christmas Parade Line Up

  2017 Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade Participants     
# Participant Line-Up Position    
1 EDS Police Dept & Mayor Brad True - Lead                                                                       Conservation Dept.    
4 Grand Marshal - Bob Floyd Conservation Dept.    
5 EDS Fire Truck #1 Conservation Dept.    
6 GFWC Miss Merry Christmas Candidates (7 vehicles) Conservation Dept.    
A) Amy Ford - EHS Senior Conservation Dept.    
B) Kennedi Murdock - EHS Senior  Conservation Dept.    
C) Payton Babcock  - EHS Senior Conservation Dept.    
D) Paige Esry  - EHS EHS Senior Conservation Dept.    
E) Paige Floyd  - EHS Senior Conservation Dept.    
F) Taylor Robison - EHS Junior  Conservation Dept.    
7 2016 Winner Miss Merry Christmas Bailey Tyler - (with LM/M Santa) Conservation Dept.    
8 Little Mr & Miss Santa Contestants Conservation Dept.    
9 Camp Clark National Guard-1/4' Plate Steel Armored Hum V Conservation Dept.    
10 Camp Clark National Guard-Palatized Load System Conservation Dept.    
11 Camp Clark National Guard-2.5 Ton Armored Troop/Equip Carrier Conservation Dept.    
68 EDS Fire Truck #2 (with Santa Claus!) Conservation Dept.    
2 VFW Color Guard - Stand for symbol of America, liberty, and freedom                                                                               W. Hickory at Main    
3 Charles Foreman & Gary Vickers - 1953 Army Jeep W. Hickory at Main    
31 Dog's Nation-Shawn Abele  W. Hickory at Main    
12 Cedar County Sheriff's Dept - Sheriff James McCrary Lions Club Park     
13 Route 54 Cruisers Lions Club Park     
14 Cliffhanger ATV Park                                                                          Library Parking Lot    
15 Floyd & Althea Wosoba - 1970 Pontiac GTO  West Poplar    
16 Johnnie & Nahwana Maslen - 1964 Chevy Impala SS West Poplar    
17 Ron Swopes - 1977 Bronco "Santa's 4x4 Sleigh" West Poplar    
18 Christian Motorcycle Association  West Poplar    
19 Darren Toliver - 1976 Malibu Classic  West Poplar    
20 Larry & Belinda Turner - 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner  West Poplar    
21 Lonnie Vann - 1929 Model "A" Rumble Seat Roadster West Poplar    
22 American Iron Car Club West Poplar    
23 El Dorado Springs R-2 Marching Bulldog Band North side, E. Fields    
24 EHS FFA Students North side, E. Fields    
25 Boy Scouts North side, E. Fields    
26 Envision Gym - Samantha Dabbs  North side, E. Fields    
67 Lions Club - Parade Traffic Control - Parade Entry  South side, E. Fields    
27 Union Hall 4-H Club South side, E. Fields    
28 Lighthouse Children's Theatre  South side, E. Fields    
29 EHS Choir Students #1 South side, E. Fields    
30 EHS Choir Students #2 South side, E. Fields    
32 Woods Supermarket  South side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
33 El Dorado Optimist Club  South side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
34 Fidelity Local 6  South side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
35 Cedar County Memorial Hospital  South side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
36 SRS Cowgirl Photography - Samantha Rae Spencer  South side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
37 Sonic Drive In  South side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
38 Dederick Pre K and Daycare South side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
39 Farran Family - Shelter Insurance  South side W. Fields, Main-Jackson    
40 Kelly Welch Insurance North side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
41 El Dorado Cycle & Outdoor Equipment  North side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
42 Skate Town North side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
43 Mercy Clinic North side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
44 Norval-Schwalm Appliance & Furniture  North side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
45 Back Yard Portable Buildings & Clear Creek Haulers North side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
46 Sac Osage Electric Co-op North side W. Fields, Main-Jackson  
47 Toshua McCormick - State Farm Insurance  North side W. Fields, Main-Jackson    
48 Community Church South Side W. Fields, near Jackson  
49 Walker Fire Department - Pumper Truck  South Side W. Fields, near Jackson  
50 Bob & Glenda Baker - Chamber of Commerce Citizens of the Year South Side W. Fields, near Jackson  
51 Fugate Motors - Toys For Tots South Side W. Fields, near Jackson  
52 Springfield Batman and friends - FJ Cruiser Batmobile  North Side W. Fields, near Jackson  
53 Evans Drug North Side W. Fields, near Jackson  
54 Physician's Medical North Side W. Fields, near Jackson  
55 Lakeland Viking Pride Band  North Side W. Fields, near Jackson    
56 St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church Fields west of Jackson St.       
57 Pittstop Convenience Store  Fields west of Jackson St.       
58 John and Senator Sandy Crawford  Fields west of Jackson St.       
59 Orin Dirks & Sons - Dump Trucks Fields west of Jackson St.       
60 D&D Sexton Trucking (Semi Truck & Trailer)  Fields west of Jackson St.       
61 CR McKellips Rodeo Company  Fields west of Jackson St.       
62 State Representative Warren Love  - Posting Missouri State Flag W. Fields, west of Jackson St.      
63 Jarrad Steuck W. Fields, west of Jackson St.      
64 Jordan Steuck W. Fields, west of Jackson St.      
65 Drew Steuck W. Fields, west of Jackson St.      
66 JM Plumbing & Heating Plumbing - Michelle Garrett & Kelly LaPreze  W. Fields, west of Jackson St.      
  * Participants on Fields Blvd and Poplar Streets please look for stakes with your number for line-up assignments.     
  * Please, participants follow numbered order so MC's line-up is correct.      
  * For children's safety please have walkers distribute candy from Hightower Street (near post office) to Broadway Street (end of parade).
  * Parade entries can use parking lots to the east and west of Main Street after parade and make their way to Spring Park for the awards
   for civic, youth, business, church and other entries. Plus enjoy entertainment, food then Lighting Countdown, Rudolph Movie and more!
  * Late entries should register with a Chamber representative and will line up just before equestrians on Fields Blvd, west of Jackson St.  
  * Parade entries must be lined up by 1:30 PM to be judged.       
  Parade Day Contacts:      
  Jackson Tough         (417) 321 - 2000          (Chamber Director)      
  Neil Linsenmayer    (417) 876 - 1937        (Parade Chairman)      
  Peggy Snodgrass     (417) 296 - 5733         (Chamber Asst Dir.)      

One day, three big events!  - Saturday, November 18


The El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade will be on Main Street plus the Holiday Expo and Lighting Celebration will be in Spring Park! This year’s parade theme is "Thankful for the Holidays!”parade-entry-form-buttonThe annual Home-Based/Small Business Holiday Expo will again be in the Spring Park Community Building before and after the parade. Contact Expo Chair Vicki Hillsman at 417-876-7126 or vickihillsman@gmail.com to participate.

Press Release
Parade Participant Form
Holiday Business Expo Form

DEER HUNTERS: MDC needs your help with finding CWD

MDC is conducting mandatory CWD sampling of harvested deer in 25 counties Nov. 11 and 12 and offering voluntary CWD sampling throughout entire deer season.

One of the check stations will be located at the El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce parking lot at 1303 S. Hwy 32.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) needs the help of deer hunters to keep the deadly deer disease called chronic wasting disease (CWD) from spreading to more deer in more areas of Missouri.

MDC will be conducting mandatory CWD sampling of harvested deer in 25 counties opening weekend of the fall firearms deer season, Nov. 11 and 12. Hunters who harvest deer in any of these select counties of MDC’s CWD Management Zone during opening weekend MUST present their harvested deer at one of the Department’s 56 CWD sampling stations so staff can collect tissue samples to test the animals for CWD.

The 25 mandatory CWD sampling counties are: Adair, Barry, Benton, Cedar, Cole, Crawford, Dade, Franklin, Hickory, Jefferson, Knox, Linn, Macon, Moniteau, Ozark, Polk, St. Charles, St. Clair, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Stone, Sullivan, Taney, Warren, and Washington.

The 25 mandatory sampling counties include ones recently added to the CWD Management Zone after cases of CWD were found there in 2016-2017, counties with previous CWD positives, and counties very near where cases of CWD have been found.

Find mandatory sampling stations online at mdc.mo.gov/cwd, and in MDC’s 2017 Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet, available where permits are sold.

MDC is also offering voluntary CWD sampling throughout the entire deer hunting season at more than 55 participating taxidermists and designated MDC offices in and around the CWD Management Zone. Find voluntary sampling locations online at mdc.mo.gov/cwd.


  • Sampling locations will be open from 7:30 a.m. until at least 8 p.m.
  • Deer must be presented by the hunter who harvested the animal.
  • Hunters will be asked to identify the location within the county the deer was harvested.
  • Deer may be field dressed before being taken to a sampling station.
  • Hunters can also present just the deer head with about six inches of neck attached.
  • For bucks bound to a taxidermist, the cape may be removed prior to being taken to a sampling station as long as about six inches of the neck is left attached.
  • For bucks bound to a taxidermist, hunters may also leave the deer intact and inform staff the deer is bound for a taxidermist. Staff will complete paperwork and inform the hunters about participating taxidermists taking CWD samples.
  • Hunters will be given information on getting free test results for their deer.


  • Telecheck deer before going to a sampling location.
  • Have completed permit information ready.
  • Be prepared to locate the harvest location on a map.
  • Position deer in the vehicle so the head and neck are easily accessible.
  • Have the detached head or cape with about 6 inches of neck ready for sampling.

CWD sampling takes only a few minutes and consists of cutting an incision across the throat of harvested deer to remove lymph nodes for testing. Tissue samples are sent to an independent lab for testing.


Opening weekend of the firearms season is the most popular two hunting days for most deer hunters in Missouri. During those two days, hunters take about a third of the state’s total annual deer harvest of about 275,000 animals.

“Focusing on this key weekend gives us the best opportunity to collect the most tissue samples during a very concentrated time period,” explained MDC Wildlife Disease Coordinator Jasmine Batten. “Prior to conducting mandatory sampling for the first time last year, we collected about 7,600 tissue samples through voluntary sampling over the entire deer season. Thanks to deer hunters, last year we collected 19,200 samples during opening-weekend mandatory sampling.”

Batten added the increased number of samples collected gives MDC scientists a much better understanding of the distribution and prevalence of the disease -- where it is and how many deer may have it. It can also help find new cases in new areas.

Find more information on CWD from the MDC website at mdc.mo.gov/cwd.

DID YOU KNOW: Missouri offers some of the best deer hunting in the country, and deer hunting is an important part of many Missourians' lives and family traditions. Deer hunting also gives a $1 billion annual boost to the state economy and local communities. CWD has the potential to greatly reduce deer numbers and deer hunting over time for Missouri's half-a-million deer hunters and almost two million wildlife watchers.

Award of Excellence
CCEM President, Victoria Brees presents Award of Excellence to El Dorado Springs Chamber.
CCEM Conference - Dixon-Tough-Mehan
Jackson Tough visiting with Missouri Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon and Missouri Chamber of Commerce Director, Dan Mehan.


El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce in the Spotlight Again

September 21, 2017

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Missouri Chamber Federation hosted the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Missouri Annual Fall Conference last week at the Hilton Convention Center, Branson, Missouri.  The conference brings together Missouri’s best and most active chamber organizations to discuss a variety of subjects impacting our state’s chambers, their membership, economic development and much more.

During the annual conference an awards luncheon is held to recognize the best of the best. There are five honors at the event each year in the following categories: Advertising Materials, Electronic Communications, Member and Community Communications, Special Publications plus Programs and Campaigns.

The El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce was honored at the annual conference. Chamber Director Jackson Tough was presented the “Award of Excellence” in the Programs and Campaigns category for the chamber’s “Sidewalk to the Future” campaign. Tough commented, “it’s a great honor to be recognized by our peers in the chamber industry. Our members, executive board and staff work hard on a variety of projects so it’s nice when someone recognizes the organization’s efforts. It reaffirms we’re headed in the right direction with our community projects.”

The El Dorado Springs Chamber actually had nominations for several awards at the annual conference including:

“Your Chamber” Radio Public Service Announcements

The project included rotating scripts on local radio. The copy was designed as an educational series to inform the public about what the chamber of commerce does and the role the organization plays in our community and for member business partners.

“Land That I Love” - El Dorado Springs Community Promotion Video

The Chamber of Commerce sought to spotlight El Dorado Springs by creating the community promotional video “Land That I Love.”  The chamber contacted Fidelity Communications production, wrote the script and worked on shot placement.  Footage was recorded over several months then sent to post production. The community promotion video was posted to social media and promoted throughout the organization.  Without paying to boost the posting it reached 21,181 people with over 10,000 watching the video and over 200 sharing it around the world.  The video can be seen on the El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce YouTube Channel.

Clean-Up El Do Campaign

Clean-Up El Do consisted of two events to kick-off the campaign last year, the first in April to coincide with Earth Day, the second in September. The events averaged about 90 community-spirited volunteers that assembled at the Chamber of Commerce office. The Spring City Clean Teams mobilized to pick up trash along the streets and assist community members with projects and tasks to make El Dorado Springs a cleaner community. The chamber worked in concert with the city for the municipal bulk trash week to coincide with the event so items could be picked up immediately following the campaign. Recycling bins were incorporated by Evans Drug along with electronics and scrap metals collected in the chamber lot. Plus the group gathered over 300 tires. Sponsors included MODOT, Missouri Department of Conservation, No More Trash, and the city of El Dorado Springs plus individuals, organizations and businesses that formed teams and assisted with recycling costs.

Community & Business Guide

The El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce designed a custom 68 page full-color Community & Business Guide for our region.  Chamber staff researched information, took most photographs, created advertisements, plus compiled and wrote 95% of the articles.  The publication includes relocation and new resident information, government contacts, community history, maps, member listings and much more. The publication was written for visitors, new and current residents plus it promotes the community to prospective new business and industry. The El Dorado Springs Community & Business Guide has been such a success the Chamber of Commerce is working on the next issue for 2018-2019.

Sidewalk to the Future Campaign

Safe sidewalk options for El Dorado Springs’ residents builds a more livable, accessible community for people of all ages, abilities, and income levels. The sidewalk project supports economic growth and community stability by providing accessible and efficient connections between home, school, work, medical, recreation and retail destinations. This means quality access to jobs, health care, shops and schools. It can also facilitate reinvestment and economic development in El Dorado Springs. The chamber of commerce lobbied for two separate federal grants paying 80% of the infrastructure improvement projects, and 20% coming from local entities. The city agreed to apply for each with the stipulation that the community fund half of that 20% which was approximately $31,250 for Phase One and $44,000 Phase Two from the business community, citizens and other resources which the chamber raised. Phase One is a mile of sidewalk along US Highway 54 which was completed in July 2016. The Phase Two chamber pledge drive started in November 2016, procuring private funds from the community to insure the project had sufficient support to proceed. Phase Two will be constructed along Park Street and Hospital Road. Along with the sidewalks the chamber also raised funding to purchase seven locally manufactured benches placed along the Highway 54 sidewalk route. There will be three more benches along the Phase Two route. The benches include artistic themed renderings of local landmarks cut into each powder coated steel backrest.


Chamber President Toshua McCormick said of the award, “our organization is really gaining some notoriety. Between the 2016 Missouri Small Market Chamber of the Year, Jackson’s 2017 Missouri and southern Illinois Torch Award and now more state recognition for our projects, it’s just an exciting time to be a part of the El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, and it’s fantastic that we can reflect recognition like this onto our community!”


Each year we are asked to complete an activity questionnaire by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The survey includes questions regarding our projects, programs, initiatives and engagement. This information was used to identify the state’s top chambers of commerce.

Some of the projects, programs we were graded on: Clean-Up El Do, Christmas Lighting Ceremony, Christmas Parade, Community Guides, Visitor Guides, Social Media: “Be in the Know About El Do Mo!”, Online Member Directory, Crafts & Home-Based Biz Christmas Expo, Small Business Saturday, National Day of Prayer (with Ministerial Assoc), City-Wide Garage Sale, Annual Awards Gala, New Member Ribbon Cuttings, Grand Openings, etc., Monthly Networking Luncheons, Highway 54 “Sidewalk to the Future”, El Dorado Springs “Historic Downtown” Sign, Economic Development Director Initiative, New Resident Welcome Packs, Bulldog Seasonal Sports Calendars, Improvement of Community, Source for Visitor and Public Information, Youth Scholarship Fund, Referring Members Prospective Customers, Provide Member Network Opportunities, and much more!

sidewalk-photoThe “Sidewalk to the Future” Phase II Pledge Drive was Successful!

The El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and our community has successfully acquired the needed pledges to secure the grant for the “Sidewalk to the Future” Phase Two. The project has a central focus on children’s safety, but it will benefit the community in many ways.

UPDATE:  El Dorado Springs has received notification that it indeed has been awarded grant funds from the Transportation Alternatives Program that is funded through the Missouri Department of Transportation.  The City of El Dorado Springs was awarded $351,889 in grant funds for the Phase II sidewalk project.    The total cost of the project is $439,862 with the city providing 10 percent match, and the Chamber of Commerce raising the other 10 percent with donations and fundraising efforts from the community.  There were almost 100 grant applications submitted this round.

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